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Interested in studying abroad? Review this Webinar!

Are you interested in having a study experience in another country?

We invite you to watch the webinar "How to get a graduate degree or internship Abroad?" available on SCI's Facebook and YouTube channels. Our esteemed guests—Diego Quevedo Moreno, a doctoral student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at MIT; Jesica Leticia Gonzalez Robles, a Master's student in Engineering and Aeronautics at Stanford University; Manuel Razo Mejía from the Department of Biology at Stanford University; and Mathias Adriel Becerra Sánchez, a student of Symbolic Systems (Human-centered AI) at Stanford University—discussed various STEM opportunities in other countries, academic pathways, internships, and much more!

In this webinar, Dr. Manuel Razo Mejía also shared a comprehensive list of Summer Research Programs.

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