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Science Clubs International 2022


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"Thank you for hosting such a unique event online. It was an absolute honor to take part in it. It was a one of a kind thrilling experience where I got to learn a lot of new things specifically about cybersecurity and communications.


Furthermore, I would like to thank my mentor, Nina, for being an absolutely enthusiastic instructor. I would also like to extend my thanks to Mr. Lopez, Ms. Paulsen and Mr. Sanchez for introducing such an event to Laura Peña for always promptly responding to all my mails. The entire team was incredible and best wishes for future programs. I hope your motive of expanding access to STEM education reaches worldwide to every keen learner. Heartiest congratulations for hosting a very successful event and I wish for the best, I too will surely take part in this event again if provided a chance.


Once again, sending you all my wishes for you to reach your future goals as Science Clubs International"

Riya Roshi


SCI2022-09: Cybersecurity and Communication


"My experience was incredible with Science Clubs International. I was part of Club 1: RNA Sequencing. First time in my life, I have worked on Rstudio and IGV. I have seen detailed images of RNA and DNA. I learned how to analyze the data and its benefits. This once in my lifetime experience will help me out in my studies. Thank you so much Science Clubs International for this amazing experience".

Maria Iqbal Shah 



 RNA sequencing: A new diagnostic tool in the era of high throughput sequencing


"Hi everyone. I’m Beatriz from Club 6 and I’m really glad to have participated in the Second Edition of Science Clubs International. It was my first time in a science club and it was an amazing experience. Thank you so much!"

Beatriz Campelo da Silva


SCI2022-06: We live in a (micro) plastic world



"Knowledge is beautiful because it can change the world. In this club we have shared knowledge and above all we have applied it to situations in the real world. We have met people with our same background, but also with our same dreams. Science is not only beautiful but it can help us save the planet."

Luis Alejandro Romero Soto 

Universidad Católica Boliviana “San Pablo”,

Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, Bolivia 

SCI2022-08: Biorefinery and Circular Economy. Can organic waste be used?


“Hi, hello. Thank you so much for having me as an Instructor in this Second Edition of the Science Clubs International. I had an amazing time, I learned a lot from my students and it was amazing to have the opportunity of talking with the next generation of scientists. I hope to see you next year, bye.“

Lizeth Cardoza Pedroza

University College Dublin, Ireland

SCI2022-06: We live in a (micro) plastic world

To read our final report click here

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