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Science Clubs International 2021


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“The first edition of Science Clubs International was an amazing opportunity to meet people from all different countries and backgrounds. I liked  sharing my love for science and learning together with other students in an active and collaborative way.

Natália Araújo do Carmona 


i guys, I'm Mauro Malca, a student of the artificial intelligence club and I found this first edition of Science Clubs International great for 3 reasons: it was collaborative, multicultural and above all very motivating. I hope that this enriching experience will be repeated. Thanks a lot! Bye.”


Mauro Malca

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“Science Clubs International 2021 was a spectacular experience. The students were wonderful, we learned, we enjoyed. I wish you all the best, thank you so much for allowing me to participate in Science Clubs 2021.”

Hugo Posadas, University of Connecticut, USA 

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