Science Clubs International (SCI) has the mission to spark a social transformation by expanding access to high-quality STEM education and collaborative, international networks. We aim to expose students to scientific, educational experiences in an international environment. 

SCI's 2021 Online Edition

We are organizing our first online edition of SCI. This will be a 4-day long, intensive event with eight online workshops (clubes) for high school and college students in Ibero-America. All students and instructors will be selected from a pool of applicants of former participants in Clubes de Ciencia: all countries and editions are included! 

Our first international edition has a couple of twists. First, it’s all online, due to COVID, second, our students and instructors are scattered in eight countries, in multiple time zones and we have Spanish, Portuguese, and English speaking participants. We will also organize pre- and post-clubes activities to encourage all participants to get to know each other. Finally, we will have a student fair where participants, in teams, will have the opportunity to showcase what they learned during their club (video, ppt, webpage, poster, etc.). 

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Empowering youth with science


Photography from Clubes de Ciencia Colombia