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9 Countries

+800 clubes



of activities

3 Languages: Spanish, Portuguese and English


80 volunteers


Clubes and other projects

Blue Map

Colombia- Clubes Frontera (rural areas)

Mexico- MiniMOOCs (Online Courses)

Bolivia- Hackaton

Mexico and Spain - Podcast

Instructor Symposium, Webinars, Science Cafes, and more


“… the close interaction with my instructors gave me a better perspective of what it is like to be a scientist”


“It was a unique experience. I learned a lot from my students and I had fun. I enjoyed a lot to be part of a community where I can share my passion for science. I meet really interesting people and made new friends”.


"The club that I chose not only changed my math understanding but also it helped me to lose the fear I had for them. My instructors were the best I could have asked for”.


[CdeC] is an extraordinary way to approach science, no matter who you are, what you know, if you are an undergraduate or studying high school:  the only thing that matters is that you love science.  It is a place where every future scientist would like to be, because this environment is, just, unique… CdeC is like a family”.


We are in the news and journals

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